Concept: "2nd Student Southeast Asia Conference"

May 19 - 21, 2017, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Project Description

Status quo

Southeast Asian Studies are offered at several major German universities, such as the GoetheUniversity Frankfurt am Main. Other universities have subject areas with research interests in the region. Researchers of Southeast Asian Studies from the various universities are though practically not interlinked. Here, great potential remains unused. Also for young researchers there are practically no opportunities to present their research results outside their seminars.


We are planning an interdisciplinary, student conference on Southeast Asia for about 150 participants at the Campus Westend of the Goethe University Frankfurt in May 2017. This event is based on the successful 1st Student South East Asia Conference which took place in Hamburg in the previous year. At this conference, Bachelor, Master and PhD students from Southeast Asian Studies in Germany will be able to present their research results and network with one another. There are eight panels with a total of 18 speakers and two keynotes. On the evening before, there will be a reception for participants already present.

Benefits and Goals

Many students are offered the opportunity to participate in an academic conference and perhaps even present their own research results to a broad academically schooled audience. Furthermore, relations with various embassies, consulates and institutions can be established and expanded. Due to the diversity of the panels (from politics to gender to linguistics), the participants can look beyond the boundaries of their own department and get to know new fields of research. As students at the Goethe University, we are given the opportunity to gain experience in conducting an academic conference — we will undoubtedly benefit from this in our further academic career.

The first conference in Hamburg in November 2016 formed the starting point for the creation of a network for students of the Southeast Asian Studies. Following the conference, the "Student Association of Southeast Asian Studies" was founded, which also includes numerous students of the Goethe University. The conference in Frankfurt is intended to continue and deepen this collaboration.

Future outlook

We want to establish the „Student Southeast Asian Conference“ as an annual event. In the medium term, the number of participants are meant to be increased and the conference to be expanded into an international conference.